The Panorama of Krishna Manandhar's Paintings

Prof.Dr. Abhi Subedi

Krishna Manandhar has completed more than three and half decades of active engagement in paintings the spectrum of which can be seen in his continuous experiments in styles and in the delination of the motifs that range from the trivial to the lofty and grand. His modern canvases present a panorama of his development, his tensions and achivement of his artistic production, landmarking paintings that he has executed over the decades.

Krishna Manandhar's canvases speak of his inner dynamism, a continuous search for form and modality. They speak through the figures that loom in the twilight of the translucent colour combination if they represent the mind itself that changes its shape and its colour combination under different conditions of indivisual inspiration. In his canvases, apart from a set of those that present figures and landscapes in kaleidoscopic forms, these is a unique combination of colour and forms because in these canvases colour becomes both forms and subject. A short chronological introduction to his paintings of the past 20 years or so will substantiate this point.


Exhibition of Mountain Series


Exhibition of Landscape Series


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